CBD Oil for Anxiety in Dogs.

How did it feel to watch your dog shrinks, cowardly, under the bed after a thunderstorm or drags back when they have to meet new
Embarrassing, right? If we could read their
innocent thoughts, perhaps they wish they could help it.
As a pet parent, you can help your pooch deal with their anxiety troubles. Several methods will come handy to calm your anxious, nervous, and stressed dog and make them bold. One of these methods is CBD. In fact, this compound has grown so much popularity that it hardly ever needs an explanation. But just in case you fall among the small group who knows little or nothing about CBD, quickly, …
What is CBD?

CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is an extract of the famous cannabis plant.
Although CBD and THC are the most dominant and prominent compounds in the controversial plant, there are over a hundred other compounds but in way smaller concentrations. Both CBD and THC, research shows, may offer a range of health benefits to consumers. But with THC toxicity and the resultant legal battles have shifted research and medical focus to its non-toxic sibling, CBD.
Now we know, to a reasonable extent, what CBD is, lets continue our discussion on what causes anxiety in dogs and how CBD may help.

What Causes Anxiety in Dogs?
Different factors may influence anxiety. And, like humans, naturally, some dogs tend to be more anxious than others.
Among the lots, anxiety may be caused by situational factors, like fireworks, thunderstorms, moving vehicles, strangers, and behavioral concerns like separation.
Here are typical anxiety symptoms

  • Whimpering
  • Aggression
  • Pacing and panting
  •  General restlessness
  • Trembling
  • Sudden defecating and defecating (even for potty-trained pets)
  •  Loss of appetite
  • Tail docking

Interestingly, anecdotal evidence backed early findings show CBD oil can help handle these anxiety symptoms, offering your furry buddy great relief.
IS CBD for Anxiety in Dogs Effective?
How Does It Work?
Study shows CBD, when consumed, interacts with the bodys inbuilt endocannabinoid system (ECS) which, in turn, helps regulate certain body functions, including sleep, appetite, pain sensitivity. This same property helps bring natural calm and relaxation. Interestingly, findings suggest humans and mammals (your dogs, cats, etc.) have similar endocannabinoid systems. This finding has drawn many veterinarians to the cannabis world to establish more data and seek new ways CBD can help in veterinary, as in human medicine.


That said, studies are ongoing to fully understand how the endocannabinoid system works and its exact link with CBD.
CBD Oil Does More Than Just Anxiety

Besides anxiety, early reports from studies suggest CBD may come handy for chronic and acute health conditions.
Since CBD modulates the immune system's functions, it assists the body to control cellular degeneration which may help handle the following

  •  Arthritis or joint issues
  • Blood disorders
  • Pain relief
  • Diabetes
  • Seizure

Choosing The Best CBD Oil for Your
Dogs CBD for dogs come in different dosage forms, including tinctures and oils, treats, topicals, etc. Although these mediums all offer the same effects, the effect speed and duration differ across the options. Note, however, that all CBD oils are not created equally. Worse, the truckload of options on the CBD market can be understandably overwhelming, particularly for would-be first-timers. Among the lot are a bunch of fakes with misleading labels. For clarity, a survey stat shows 26 percent of CBD on the market contains less CBD content than the label claims, while about 43 percent contains more than advertised. No thanks to the inadequate regulation by the FDA.
So, how then do you spot the genuine from fakes?
Here are some pro tips to have in mind:

  • Buy Organic

When sourcing CBD oil for your pet, prefer CBD oil from an organic US-regulated hemp farm.

  • Avoid Solvent Processing While no stone-written regulation exists yet on CBD processing, many producers, in a bid to cut corners, go for the cheapest extraction

method. Some use solvents like butane and hexane, which is considered toxic and a huge threat to your dogs health.

  • Insist On a Third-Party-Lab-Tested Product

One of the best ways to identify a genuine product is with the
Certificate of Analysis(COA). This quality-proof is issued to CBD manufacturers by a third party lab after verifying the claims on their products label.
Most top brands invest a huge lot to get this authenticity seal on their product. If you dont find a COA on a product label or their official website, check the next product/manufacturer.

  • Beware of THC

Before you buy, look at how much THC you would be dosing your pooch. For safety and legality sakes, go for CBD with at most .3 percent THC – The lower, the better.
If you check these boxes carefully, you can never go wrong on your CBD oil purchase.
Is CBD Oil Legal?
While the Farm Bill makes CBD federally legal, it remains prohibited in some states. So, before you purchase a CBD product for your pooch, find out your state law on CBD.
A Wrap just as humans, dogs get anxious. Anxiety in dogs is a common concern among pet parents. For instance, over 72 percent of subjects in a study displayed anxiety symptoms. Thankfully, CBD has shown high potency in handling this concern. Although more studies are needed to validate existing evidence, you may try out the compound and see what happens. If it works, congrats. If not, at least you have had a firsthand experience to share. However, do well to consult your vet before you introduce CBD for your Dogs anxiety.