Humectants vs Emollients vs Occlusives

Humectants vs Emollients vs Occlusives

Your head probably hurts by the amount of information you can find online about which products are best for what and why you should buy this over that, but you’re never given anything specific. The most important types of ingredients are humectants, emollients, and occlusives, but what do those words mean?



Humectants draw moisture into the skin through the use of bonds between hydrogen and water. A great example of a humectant is hyaluronic acid. Not only do they attract moisture from the outside, but also from the deeper layers of your skin, giving you bounce, hydration, and plumpness in your skin.



Emollients mimic the natural protective qualities of the sebum your sebaceous glands within your skin produce. They keep your skin soft, protected from bacteria, and reduce dryness and flaking. Emollients are frequently used in eczema creams and reduce the amount of water that is allowed to evaporate from your upper skin layers.


Occlusives are similar to emollients in the way they reduce and prevent the loss of water through the skin, but the difference is that emollients work to soften the skin more than reduce the loss of water. They help keep your skin moisturized all day and keep flakiness at bay!


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