Life Path Number| What is the Meaning Behind Each Number?


Have you ever wondered what direction you’re destined to take in life? Or maybe you’re unaware of the gifts and abilities you came to this Earth with? By learning what your Life Path Number is you can unlock the answers to all your burning questions. Our Life Path Number is only one piece of the puzzle, but it is so important to know. Keep reading to discover what your true calling is.


Life Path Number 1

Those born as a Life Path 1 are natural-born leaders. They demand independence and often have no issues going after their goals in life. These individuals are full of energy and probably have a hard time sitting still.

Life Path 1 has a hard time with authority, they would rather be the one in control rather than the other way around. This comes back to wanting to take on a leadership role in life. They must understand that it takes time to reach the top, and even still, they need to respect others.

They must balance the need to take control and be in the passenger seat. If not, they can come off of self-fish or egotistical.  




Life Path Number 2

Life Path 2 individuals are natural peacekeepers. Even though they have a knack for diffusing situations, this Life Path should not be underestimated. They are extremely resilient to the challenges of life. They never back down from a situation and are willing to put in the work to see a positive outcome.

These individuals crave harmony within their relationships. They often have no problem making a compromise, and people see them as the mediator in an argument.

The number 2 in numerology also talks of duality, so there may be some of this within their personality. They tend to be indecisive and sometimes pessimistic. For some reason, Life Path 2 has a hard time acknowledging their accomplishments, often feeling unhappy or unfulfilled no matter how much good they do.



Life Path Number 3

Those born as a Life Path 3 are the life of the party! They are known as the entertainers of the world; often gifted in singing, dancing, acting, or some other form of creative expression. This Life Path is open, friendly, and a social butterfly.

These individuals are loyal lovers but balancing and maintaining relationships is a big theme within their lives. People are drawn to them for natural optimism and charisma.

As long as Life Path 3 learns to stay disciplined and work hard for what they want to achieve, they can lead a very successful life.


Life Path Number 4

Life Path 4 leads a life with logic and hard work. They are very down to earth are dependable. They like to have stability in life and often have no problem creating solid foundations for themselves. This Life Path makes excellent entrepreneurs.

Since they enjoy stability so much change is hard for them. They are also prone to having narrow-minded views.

They are caring and make for a good partner in romantic relationships. They don’t care about the spotlight, but they are very supportive of those around them.


Life Path Number 5

These are the free-spirited of the Life Path Numbers. Life Path 5needs change and will get frustrated with the same mundane routine. They need to be stimulated and are not afraid of taking risks.

Life Path 5 resists when people tell them what to do. These individuals have the power to create a great life for themselvesand when they dedicate to something they stick to; it may take a lot of trial and error before deciding on something though.

The more negative side of this Life Path is the tendency to fall into the wrong crowd. Use discernment when choosing your friends.




Life Path Number 6

Life Path 6 has strong paternal instincts. They are the caretakersand often take on the domestic roles in the family. They enjoy serving others as it is their way of feeling fulfilled. This Life Path does need to stay mindful of the responsibilities they take on, if not they will neglect themselves in the long run.

These individuals tend to be overly critical, usually of themselves but it can seep into those around them as well. They love helping others but need to stay mindful of those who could take advantage of that trait.




Life Path Number 7

Those born as Life Path 7 are extremely observational and can analyze a situation quicker than most. They can easily sense when someone is being dishonest or deceptive. Because of this,they don’t have a lot of close friends, but once they are your friend they are one for life.

Since they are so analytical it can cause them to be lonely or live in isolation. They prefer to work alone so they can observe their thoughts with no distractions.

This Life Path Number has the potential to go far in life. They must be careful to not be egocentric, but as long as they master that, they make for great partners and friends.




Life Path Number 8

Life Path 8 comes into their lifetime ready to lead and govern. They are extremely goal-oriented and ambitious. Their plans may seem far-fetched to the average person, but with great tenacity, they can make their plans a reality.

This Life Path produces workaholics. They often view success in terms of material gains- they find happiness in luxury.

Those born under this Life Path make for great coaches and mentors.




Life Path Number 9

The individuals born under Life Path 9 are humanitarians. This Life Path is interesting because 9 takes on the energy of all the other Life Paths. They have so much love to give and that’s apparent with everyone they come across.

This Life Path is very sensitive, they feel things deeply. These are the artists, writers, spiritual leaders, and healers of the group. They are the least judgmental of the Life Paths, they simply want the best for mankind.

The other part of their personality is they tend to be cold to those closest to them. They have a hard time showing their heart, but this issue can easily be worked through.



Life Path Number 11

Life Path 11 is the most intuitive out of the bunch. They have similar characteristics as Life Path 2 but are amplified. They are prone to stress because they hold nervous and anxious energy.

They are dedicated individuals and often marry younger than most. Life Path 11 does need to tread lightly because they experience extreme highs and lows. There is a need for balanceif not they will always be restless.

These individuals are visionaries with strong intuition. They have the potential to execute grand ideas, but because of their anxious energy, they tend to hop from one thing to the next.


Life Path Number 22

Those born under Life Path 22 are often very successful and hold positions of power. They are ambitious, disciplined, and very confident. They share similar qualities as Life Path 4.

These individuals have the power to have a global network and a large business with a lot of moving parts. The downside to this is they are often never satisfied with themselves because they hold impossible standards.

They must learn that we are all equal in this life no matter how successful one may be. As long as they don’t allow their ego to be in control, they can lead an amazing and fulfilling life.


Life Path Number 33

This Life Path 33 embodies similar qualities as Life Path 6- the big difference being they have boundaries when it comes to caring for others. They want to be the caretakers, but they will not allow someone to take advantage of them.

It may take this Life Path longer to mature than most, and they may not see growth within themselves until mid-life.

They are sensible and responsible and want nothing more than to ease the pain of those closest to them.