What are the benefits of CBD for cats?

Benefits Of CBD For Cats

Lately, there’s increasing CBD-inspired testimonies from cat owners.
Interestingly, these anecdotal reports match early findings from ongoing research – they both perceive wide-ranged potential benefits of CBD for cats' health.

If you seek a more natural alternativemedication for your cat’s poor health or merelywant to keep them kittens active and in shape, the reported claims about CBD for cats look promising.

What’s more?

The CBD is thought safe and widely toleratedfor pets – Even at extreme doses.

Reading on, you’ll discover the basics about CBD for cats – including the compound’s health benefits, doses, safety profile, and legality.

But before we begin with CBD’s benefits for cats, first things first

What is CBD?

CBD means Cannabidiol, an extract from the cannabis plant – present in both hemp and marijuana. Over the years, it’s marijuana relationship built great controversy around the compound. Many assume anything marijuana-related will cause a ‘high.’

For clarity, the high cannabis users feel iscaused by a compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Several legislations globally regulate THC‘s concentration due to its psychoactive effect.

In the US, for instance, CBD may contain but not more than .3 percent THC to be considered federally legally. This amount is considered too minute to cause a high. 

How Does CBD Work for Cats?

Researchers suggest CBD may offer animals similar benefits it gives to man. Research hasfound both man and animals have identicalendocannabinoid system or ECS.  

CBD interacts with receptors in the
ECS to regulate several body functions, including sleep, appetite, neurological functions, etc.

Benefits of CBD for cats

Evidence suggests CBD can be a blessing to pet parents. However, CBD for cat research is still in its infancy. Therefore, more research is required to substantiate existing evidence.

That said, here are some potential benefits of CBD for cats:

CBD may help boost your cat’s immunity
It aids hormonal balance
Promotes healthy skin, fur, and nails.
CBD for cats helps promote cat’s heart health
Manage arthritis in dogs and cats
May alleviate cancerous symptoms

They sound promising, right?

But before you jump in, remember although adjudged safe, the CBD for cat products is unregulated by the FDA.  So, while CBD may be effective for your cats, the market is loadedwith low-quality products that can make your dog sick. Or even cause death.


For safety, here are helpful tips to note when buying CBD for cats:

Buy cat-specific products
Check for the product’s Certificate of Analysis, COA. Third-party laboratories issue COA. The test reveals the product’singredients and accurate concentrations.
Prefer US-Sourced hemp
While .3 percent THC is a standard legal benchmark, the lower THC concentration,the better.
Check customer reviews

How much CBD should I administer to my cat?

Since the CBD is yet to get the FDA’s nod for cats, there’s no universal dosage prescription. For this, you may need to discuss your pet’sneeds with a CBD-inclined vet.

In a pinch, always start with a low amount and work up the doses over time until you figure out the most suitable dosage.

That said, here’s a common recommendation:

For regular use, administer 0.25 mg per 1lbs.That is 5 mg dosage for a 20 pounds’ weighted cat.
For a strong dose, you may administer double this amount. That is, your 20 pounds weighted cat should have a 10 mg dosage.

That said, CBD comes in different dosageforms, including:


Tinctures and oils – can be administered directly or infused into your cat’s food
Balms and lotions – for topical applications
Treats – they mimic conventional pet treats. This should be your cat’s favorite.

Give close attention to your cat during and hours after dosage. Although there’s hardly ever a thing like CBD overdosage, a too-high amount could cause unwanted effects like a change of appetite, drowsiness, and diarrhea.

While several indicators say CBD is safe for your pet, for the best result, seek veterinary recommendations.