Why Is It Important to Look for The First Six Ingredients in A Skincare Product?

Yes Evaluating a skincare product has become much complicated. Many skincare brands and products are accessible in the market, creating hype and confusion. So now, you need to choose a bit more consciously. Using a simple trick like checking out the first six ingredients can help you pick up a suitable product and s time.  

As a general rule, brands usually disclose their ingredients from the highest to
lowest concentrations. It means that the first six ingredients practically account for almost 80% of the overall product’s composition. That is the reason we advise you to focus on the initial six components of a product rather than the detailed list.


However, one major issue in doing so is identifying the referenced ingredients. Skincare brands typically draft the ingredients as per their standardized International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) names. Thus, you may need to research out their sources, features, and benefits on the internetseparately. For this reason, some popular skincare brands provide ingredient details on their particular sites or blogs.



Soothin Women’s hydrating moisturizer with CBD

The Soothin Women’s hydrating moisturizer with CBD is an organic product with therapeutic properties of lab-affirmedCBD. It incorporates premium ingredients to give an intensemoisturizing effect. It is additionally rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Thus, it can get absorbed quickly to deliver a gentle glowing skin.

This high-quality moisturizer assists your skin in retaining moisture. It further promotes hydration, enhances blood circulation, and encourages regeneration at a cellular level. It lessens the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and creases with anti-aging hyaluronic acid, limiting maturing symptoms.


Our Soothin Women’s hydrating moisturizer with CBD is an entirely safe product. It does not include any harsh or toxic chemicals. Henceforth, it works effectively on all skin types, making them look soft, smooth, and more youthful.

The First Six Ingredients of Our Hydrated Moisturizer with CBD & Their Benefits

1) Water

The universal solvent, water, serves as the moisturizer's hypoallergenic base, dissolving all other ingredients. It contributes a lot to your skin hydration, just like your body. It helps your skin to lock in moisture and replenish the nutrients naturally. Subsequently, it makes your skin soft, silky, andsparkling.

2) Squalane

It mimics your skin’s natural oils and boosts your skin's hydration process. It fights and repairs your damaged skin, preventing visible aging symptoms. Squalane further induces collagen production of your skin to give you firmer skin. It acts as a detoxifier too. Eventually, turning your skin look more vibrant and healthier.  

3) Butylene Glycol

This natural liquor derived from petroleum acts as a humectant. It stabilizes and improves the overall moisturizer spreadability. It additionally goes about as an emollient and restricts water loss from your skin surface. In this way, it delivers your skin a super smooth appearance all the time.

4) Glycerine

It safeguards your skin from ecological aggravations.

Glycerin is a
characteristic compound extracted from vegetable oil or animal fats. It profoundly hydrates your skin by pulling in water from the external skin layers. Also, it strengthens your skin barrier function while enhancing the mechanical properties. Glycerin mainly accelerates the wound-healing process to rejuvenate your skin. Consequently, it shields your skin from environmental irritants and builds up your skin resilience with a more youthful look.

5) Tetradecane

Tetradecane is produced from vegetable-derived paraffin. It functions as a perfect emollient, especially for dry skin.Furthermore, it mollifies your skin texture while upgrading the moisture level. It has a vital role in treating various skin irritations or issues, alleviating your skin.

6) Acetyl Hexapeptide-37

It is a synthetic peptide that works alongside the water channels (aquaporin) of your skin. It provides adequately balanced hydration between your skin layers. Thus, it alleviates the dry skin layer, restoring your skin's magnificence. This anti-aging ingredient also supports your collagen synthesis.